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My story.

I was born in Ukraine back in the days of the communist Soviet Union, everything was a scarcity over there, nothing was plentiful.  

This encounter with poverty early on in life, set me on a path to do whatever it takes to make a LOT of money. I went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Business Finance and a master degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, opening my own construction company and making millions of dollars.  

But... something was awfully wrong!  

While if you looked on paper, my wife and I were living the "American Dream" in reality, we were both miserable. I literally worked 7 days a week and most days I was out by 6 am and not back until 8 pm... and then I would sit down to do some "emails" and work into the early hours of the morning. On our honeymoon, I spent as much time working as I did with my wife...  

and that is a very sad fact because I will never be able to correct that mistake.  

A few years later, my wife (who is an actress and a commercial model), purchased a used Rebel T2i that had like a gazillion shutter clicks on it, but somehow it still worked. She handed me the camera and asked that twice a week I take practice photos of her so that she can keep improving her craft. I ended up falling in love with photography, selling my construction company and becoming a wedding photographer.  

It wasn't long before I started falling into my old ways, and working 90-hour weeks. It was all hustle and nothing but hustle. But pretty quickly, my wife had a conversation with me and made it clear that this was not the life she imagined. She would rather have more of me than more money (I love my wife, she is amazing!!!). 

I learned (after lots of research) that what was going to set me on the path of success was properly executed online advertising, specifically, Facebook ads. At first, I wasn't any good, but after spending more than 10K on trial and error, more than 10K on curses, education, and workshops, and getting certified in ads by both Facebook, and Google something magical happened!  

I started to have what felt like an unlimited flow of inquiries of exactly the type of couples I want to work with. Having confidence in the fact that I do not need to worry about inquiries, relieved a lot of pressure and helped me reduce my work schedule to a much more enjoyable level.  

Now, I don't have to jump out of bed at 6 am, I can enjoy a pleasant breakfast and a walk on the beach with my wife EVERY DAY (well, except Saturdays LOL).  


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