How to Create Facebook Ads That Convert Couples Into Clients

Paid advertising is not a new concept in the wedding photography business. For decades photographers advertised in magazines that catered to brides. However, because the magazines were distributed relatively wide geographically, most of the people who would see the ad, were not even qualified to hire the photographer because of the distance.

With the rise of the internet, sites such as WeddingWire began to pop up and photographers quickly discovered what happens when they took the same amount of money, but now it was concentrated over a smaller geographical area, perhaps just a handful of zip codes.

Because ads were now shown to a lot more qualified leads, the return on investment was much higher, and so photographers began to regard advertising with WeddingWire and The Knot as a much better option than print magazines.

Then came the rise of the wedding blogs that specialize in a specific type of bride. Photographers could now target couples based on not only geography but also loosely based on what the couple liked.   

Wedding photographers are now discovering that that precision power can be amplified immeasurably when they are using Facebook Ads, by not only identifying the couple's precise neighborhood, but also age, gender, and an unending ocean of interests and a slew of demographics that even a book would be too short to list them all.

In addition, Facebook ads allow you to target specific people based on which pages on your website they have visited, now, it does not get more precise than this!

With all that precision, you can deliver a tailor-made message to the right person at the very right time to book every single time!

To create a successful campaign on Facebook, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Decide Who You Are Targeting

This is the most important step and if you get this right, almost nothing else matters, you will be booked solid and will love who you are working with (every single time!)

I recommend giving this step the mental importance it deserves. Take the time to find a quiet space where you can be with your thoughts and write stuff down. Write down everything you know about the "perfect couples" you have worked with in the past. Every detail you can remember will bring you closer to more couples like this. Don't skimp on this step, take a few hours and be as detailed as possible.

  1. Decide What To Say

Remember that what you say is not just the text you write! Will you go with a photo? a video? perhaps a slideshow? what will your audience react better to?

You can find all the specs of images, videos, copy and etc. at this BLOG POST

How about the placement? Will you use Facebook only, or will you place it on Instagram as well? What about stories, will that work best for your audience?

As you can see, the vast amount of choice combinations means understanding your Avatar ("ideal couple") is more crucial than ever before.

  1. Decide On The Objective

Facebook offers a variety of objectives for your ad. Each objective will choose the most likely people from your selected audience to perform the action of that objective. This means that within the pool of people you identified as your target market, Facebook identified which people based on their historical use of Facebook are most likely to perform the action your objective is soliciting.  

  1. Create Your Ad

When creating your ad, don't assume that you know for sure what is going to work. Rather, think of a few different options of the copy, the image, and the video. Create multiple ads to test what works best. Remember that when A/B testing, you have to follow the scientific method.

  1. Optimize And Automate

Once you have figured what works best, turn off all the ads that do not perform well and keep the "winners". Now that you have "killed" all the losing ads, you can allocate their budget (or a portion of it) to the winning ad, but remember that you cannot just drastically increase the budget so you will need to spread it over a few days.

Once you have your ad budget where you want it, remember that Facebook does offer "rules" that can be triggered automatically. Having the rules set up will allow you to focus your attention elsewhere, while Facebook is doing all the work for you.  

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Image by Wedding Hackers Student, Jasmine J. Photography


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