Most wedding photographers
struggle to find clients.

I help them leverage the power of Facebook & Instagram Advertising to book
couples they love and in turn build a happier business and live a better life.
Are Facebook ads for you?
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Do you struggle to cut through the noise of all the other photographers around you? Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is not for everyone but for many, it is the most affordable and effective place to advertise on the internet right now.

Click below to take a simple quiz to determine whether Facebook and Instagram Ads are right for you and I'll share a FREE and simple strategy that you can implement today to start getting more couples contacting you!

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Hey! I'm Max Sadik

I’m a Miami & Los Angeles based Wedding Photographer and Certified Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert.

I help photographers leverage the power of Facebook Advertising to target the exact couples they dream of working with so they can run a happier business and live a better life.

My story? I was born in Ukraine back in the days of the communist Soviet Union, everything was a scarcity over there, nothing was plentiful. This encounter with poverty early on in life, set me on a path to do whatever it takes to make a LOT of money...

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"Max made me feel like I'm now a part of a secret club of the smartest photographers
who truly understand how to create Facebook Ads that actually work."

Maddie Mae / Fort Collins, Colorado

"Having someone sit down with you and explain Facebook ads for WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY specifically in a clear and concise way would cost thousands, right? How could this not pay for itself quickly?"

Brian Miller / St. Augustine, Florida

"I know that with Max's course, I can effectively reach the people I haven’t
been able to reach before. I can make more money and finally relax!"

Katy Weaver / Portland, Oregon

Struggling to find more clients? Feeling anxious not knowing where your next inquiry is coming from? Wedding Hackers is a self-paced online workshop that helps wedding photographers leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads to position themselves directly in front of the couples they love working with.


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